Close your eyes

You know the feeling when you put on your favorite song and all the memories come flooding back instantly? 

The products you choose to tell your story could be the song. At Live Brands Factory we value high quality products. 

We work effectively to find the right fit for your brand – satisfying both your values and the wishes from your customers. 

How does your brand taste?

Have you ever thought about what your brand taste like? Or what everyday products your audience consume?

At Live Brands Factory we help you find your given spot at the breakfast table as well as the big event.

We give you the opportunity to shine in everyday life.


Brands to Products

There is an ocean of products and merchandise out there just waiting for you to pick the ones best suited for your brand. But hey, choosing the perfect fit can sometimes be a bit tricky.

With Live Brands Factory you have the product knowledge, the packaging experience and the business value in your pocket. 

We make the journey smooth and safe. With us by your side – our wide network of manufacturers and special set of skills – your merchandise and unique brand products will be closer to your audience.

Our crew

We have built our crew by carefully selecting our team players. Each and every person have been chosen for their special set of skills. 

Together we are heavy as metal when it comes to product knowledge, target marketing, design packaging, retail selling and business value. 

Together we are light as a feather when it comes to choosing the right set of products for your brand, your values and your customers. 

Altogether – we make the experience complete. 


Folkungagatan 44
SE-118 26 Stockholm